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For over 20 years, E & G Contractors has been Idaho’s number one source for all your Pocatello ID residential paving needs. We are a full service paving contractor specializing in everything from commercial parking lot construction, road building, and driveway installation. We offer the best residential and commercial services for the finest residential and commercial customers.

Let E & G Contractors show you why our teams of pavement experts are the best in Southeastern Idaho. Whether it’s new construction, patching, or resurfacing we will work with you to deliver resolution to all your pavement requests.

Pocatello ID Residential Paving

With over 83 years of combined experience in the field, we have been involved with every type of paving job out there; building homes and other buildings, adding basements, driveway, roads, parking lots and more. Let our experience work for you. Our staff will work with you to find the best solutions to meet all your objectives in a timely and cost effective manner. This method helps create a constructive involvement from the first discussion to end result.


During our critical evaluation method we will:

  • Create grade/topography assessments
  • Take flawless measurements of project
  • Make water drainage assessments
  • Gauge likely reasons of the current pavement deterioration (if it is a paving repair job)
  • Find and discuss all possible resolutions with client
  • Obtain the required permits
  • Offer pricing appraisal along with a thorough description of work
Pocatello ID Residential Paving

Pocatello ID Asphalt

Since asphalt driveways are the most cost effective ways to get a nice clean looking driveway, they have become tremendously popular. Dissimilar to concrete, an asphalt paved driveway is both durable and flexible and is perfect for Idaho’s colder temperatures where constant freezing and defrosting happen. If it’s done right, the first time, it can easily last 25-30 years with very little maintenance. That being said, you need to hire a company that has a great reputation and the ability to back that up. Let E & G Contractors show you how it should be done!

Asphalt paving, AKA Hot Mix Asphalt paving, entails a combination of stone and sand mixed with liquefied asphalt cement. It is then carefully mixed and heated and delivered hot to insure proper curing. It is then poured into a properly and carefully prepared driveway. Preparing the driveway typically involves the removal of topsoil and giving it a sub-layer of gravel. An asphalt paving job is comprises of the application of 2 layers of Hot Mix Asphalt over the sub-base layer.

To ensure that every project stands the test of time, we will discuss the subject of installing proper slopes and drainage. This will help protect from cracking as well as water pooling on the finished driveway, or even worse, draining into your garage or home. Our reputation is dependent on quality and customer satisfaction, and we mean to protect that with every paving job we do.

Talk to friends and family members, they will all tell you the same thing; E & G Contractors is the best and most efficient asphalt paving company in Pocatello ID and the rest of Southeastern Idaho. We are insured and bonded to shield you from any liability. We walk through every project with you and steak or paint lines where the driveway is to lay.

Gravel in Pocatello ID

We have over 83 years of combined experience because every project we construct is looked at as if it was a masterpiece. Even though concrete and asphalt are robust surfaces to have, gravel roads have that natural feel that goes perfectly together with the landscape. There is a reason many photographers use a well maintained gravel road as a backdrop for some of their most memorable images.

The roads we pave, whether asphalt, gravel or concrete roads, are built to last. Our gravel roads are built with proper drainage as a priority, to get you through the wet seasons without the mud.

Many do-it-yourself types of people think that this type of undertaking would be a “walk-in-the-park”. Even though it can be broken down to four steps, there is a great deal of work and it can be quite the undertaking if you hire the wrong contractor. Let E & G Contractors’ rich history work for you. Let us do it right, the first time!  We understand the work needed to go into every project…


4 step process

  1. Pull a flat box blade across the complete length of the territory being used to make the road. In one speedy swoop the tractor can wrench up all of the grass, small objects, and any medium sized obstacles that are in the way of your new road. Doing this by hand could take weeks.
  2. Pick out the gravel.  You have a few different choices as far as size and a sand/gravel mix.  Each has its own look and feel and has a different use in different climates. Once that choice is made we utilize an tremendously accurate gravel estimator allowing us to get you the exact amount ensuring that you will not have to purchase extra or even be forced to go back for more. With E & G you will get the most accurate estimate around.
  3. Install. Each gravel road we install is made with proper drainage in mind. Granted, we cannot predict everything Mother Nature has to offer (flash floods, earthquakes, etc.) but we have been in business long enough to know what this region of the country has to deal with as far as whether. Our gravel roads are made to resist all the elements.
  4. Maintenance. If installed correctly with a good base, the gravel road should require little upkeep. We know exactly what can cause any number of problems that you could have. Our experts plan for the worst during installation and can fix any problems that the last gravel contractors created.

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